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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Wow, what a great week I have had. My birthday was on Thursday, and I did not have to work, so I had plans to have some ladies from church who live in or around Lyons (and don't work) come over for lunch...well, it did not go as planned, but we still had a great time, and we accomplished some service while we were at it. One of my friends daughter ended up in the hospital, so the other friend, who was planning on bringing blueberry muffins, brought the muffins and we went together to visit the friend in the Hospital. We were there for probably an hour, just visiting. It was really nice, and I am happy to say that when I went back last night, the daughter is looking TONS better than she did before!!!

Then last night, my lovely husband took me to the Star Trek movie!! AWESOME!!!!!!! It was great...definately on my "own on DVD" list. Of course, if you know Skipp, you know that he talked all the way through the darn movie, I really felt sorry for the couple who sat behind us. LOL

Today I went to the city wide yard sale in Sterling and found 4 kitchen chairs for $3, so when the Missionaries come over, they won't have to sit on folding chairs anymore. LOL (Not that they complained, but still) Plus I found an ORIGINAL copy of the game Clue! For 50 cents!!! YAY ME!!!

Aaron is at a Young Men's funtion today, even though he is not technically a Young Man for 9 more days.....I guess that is close enough. LOL