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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3

Good Morning Friends...

Today is day three of the HCG diet. Today is when the fun part ends and the hard part begins....Although it is only 9 am, so I haven't truly been tempted yet, except when the kids wanted the leftover pizza for breakfast.

So, my plan for today...

Weigh in- weighed 321 today, which means 6 pounds gained during the load days, but that usually falls off pretty fast. If I lose 40 pounds from the start of the diet, that would put me at 275. So that is my ultimate goal, but would be happy to get to 287, which is what I weighed at my wedding! That 300 pound mark is my stop point, if I can break that mentally, I should be okay for a while!

Food. As i am not a coffee or tea drinker, I found some naturally sweetened drinks (Fuze - Slenderize) that contain L-Carnitine, which is recommended on the diet, so i bought 25 of them and am going to have one every morning when I take my pills (not the HCG, my prescriptions).

At 10, I am going to have apple slices, then for lunch, am having salad with pre-cooked beef strips, and Melba Toast crackers for croutons.

At 3, I am having fruit, either apple slices or an orange, then for dinner I am making garlic chicken and serving it with tomato slices. I will make a Pasta Salad for the kids, but will not have any of it.

I also bought some Crystal Light, because I am not good at drinking plain water, so I figured 1/2 crystal Light and 1/2 water, i might be able to get my gallon of water per day done. FYI - Winco has 24 20oz bottles of water for $4.

So, wish me I GOOOoooooo! lol

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